Law and Regulations

To purchase a paintball marker (paintball gun), you must be 16 or 18 years of age or older as a buyer, depending on the country you life in. Additionally, Stratizet (GoPaintball.nl) is legally obligated to retain your purchase and personal data, including your identification document number and type, for 7 years. To verify this, we will ask you to send a copy of your identification document to us after your order. You may hide your photo and social security number (BSN) when sending the email. You can easily and securely send your identification document via the Government APP: KopieID. It can be sent to us by email or WhatsApp. After verification, we will immediately delete the copy from our systems. We always comply with applicable privacy laws and handle your data with care and discretion.

Article 12, section 10 of the Firearms and Ammunition Regulation (Rwm) (The Netherlands)

The holder of the recognition or the manager mentioned in the proof of recognition who deals with air, gas, or spring-operated firearms of category IV, airsoft devices, cartridge holders or magazines referred to in Article 18, under g, of this regulation, electric shock weapons referred to in Article 21 of this regulation, or emergency signaling devices and associated ammunition referred to in Article 22, first and second paragraphs, of this regulation, shall keep a register for the sale of those air, gas, or spring-operated firearms, airsoft devices, cartridge holders or magazines, electric shock weapons, or emergency signaling devices. This register shall record, in columns and in sequence, the date of transfer, the quantity, the make and model of the transferred items, the name and address of the recipient, as well as the type and number of their identification document. The data recorded in this register shall be kept for at least seven years.

Disclaimer: Please refer to your country's law and regulations on the official governement website.