Paintball B2B Wholesale / Supplier


If you have a paintball field and are looking for a paintball supplier or wholesaler to provide you with equipment, you are at the right place with GoPaintball. 

We supply to a large number of customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries in Europe with paintball equipment at competitive rates.

Flexibility, speed, and sharp prices are our strengths. We have over 10 years experience in indoor paintball, outdoor paintball, kids paintball, and archery tag.

As a paintball wholesaler, what we can supply for your field or webshop includes:

  • Tippmann 98 custom or rental (with or without ACT)
  • Paintball or Archery Tag masks (with or without thermal lens)
  • Paintballs at a very competitive price>
  • Overalls of very sturdy quality and equipped with a high collar.

Larger quantities qualify for sharper prices, but even with small orders, we offer you a competitive deal.

Agreements regarding permanent cooperation and smaller purchases at large volume prices are also possible.

Request a non-binding quote, or feel free to call us  >>  +31 58 585 3750